Fertility & Pregnancy

At Stange Chiropractic, we have been caring for expectant moms and newborns for over 40 years. With natural, gentle methods of care, we help moms to have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for delivery. Using methods like gentle chiropractic care, electro-acupuncture and the Webster Technique, we assist moms to maintain health and wellness during pregnancy and assist if complications arise such as a breech baby. Proper pelvic alignment can ease birthing strain both on mom and baby. By checking newborn babies for any spinal stress after delivery, we can assure that they start life with the best ability to grow and develop to their greatest potential. To learn more about the benefits of Chiropractic Care during pregnancy or for your family, feel free to contact us!

"2 weeks ago we had a 38 week pregnant mom come to our office with her baby in breech position. Using natural health methods, which included gentle spinal adjustment, acupuncture and the Webster Technique, the mother delivered a healthy 8 pound 6 oz baby boy. We are so happy to help moms to feel well during pregnancy and deliver healthy babies using natural, gentle, chiropractic care." Dr Randall Stange.

We are proud to partner with Guiding Star Orange City (http://www.guidingstarorangecity.org/), along with Ashwood Fertility Center (http://www.ashwoodfertilitycare.com). These organizations provide natural methods of fertility control and support. Their service before, during and after pregnancy help families understand the miracle of childbearing and support the many issues that having and raising a child in this world can bring about. Chiropractic care and the loving, natural services provided by Guiding Star help provide safe, nurturing and natural support for all aspects of pregnancy, having and caring for children.

Benefits of prenatal chiropractic care include:

     -     Reduce labor and delivery time

     -     Decrease neck, back and hip pain

     -     Decrease nausea

     -     Improve quality of sleep

     -     Minimize headaches

     -     Help safely position baby for birth

     -     Strengthen pelvic floor


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