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  • Scoliosis
    Scoliosis is defined as a sideways curvature of the spine.  Your spine naturally has 3 curves when you look at it from the side. The cervical and lumbar spine have a Read more
  • Keep your spine healthy this Spring!
    It seemed to take a long time but it is FINALLY starting to feel like springtime outside! I know many of you are eager to get outside and start doing Read more
  • A better way to carry an infant car seat
    One thing all parents can agree on it that car seat carriers are heavy. Car seat carriers can weigh anywhere from 10-30 pounds, and that's without the added weight of Read more
  • Plantar Fasciitis
    Do you have sharp, stabbing pain in your feet? Does it seem to be worse when you first get out of bed in the morning? If yes, you may have Read more
  • Spine Specialist
    Why Chiropractors are considered Spine Specialists: It starts with our education. From intensive education on the anatomy and physiology to clinical diagnosis and conservative care management, chiropractors look to the spine Read more
  • Sciatica
    The Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It is formed from the nerves that exit the spinal column through the Lumbar spine (low back), and continues through Read more
  • Chiropractic and Carpal Tunnel
    Chiropractic is all about making sure the nervous system is functioning optimally. We primarily look at the spine because the vertebrae, the bones of the spine, surround and protect the Read more
  • Hip Flexor Stretches
    When you bring your knee to your chest or bend forward at your waist you are contracting a group of muscles called your Hip Flexors. These muscles are especially active Read more
  • Webster Technique
    Did you know that there is a chiropractic technique that is specifically for pregnancy? It's called the Webster technique. I'll explain Webster in a minute. First let's answer the question Read more
  • Wellness/Supportive Care
    The third and final stage of chiropractic care is supportive or wellness care. Once patients have completed their course of corrective care they often experience what it feels like to be Read more
  • Corrective Care
    To continue our discussion on the 3 phases of care, today we are going to discuss Corrective Care. Spinal conditions consist of misalignments of joints and result in 1) pressure on Read more
  • Relief Care
    How long do I need to be under chiropractic care? This is the million dollar question that we frequently get asked. The answer depends on three things: your condition, how Read more
  • Chiropractic for Kids
    When you come in for a treatment at Stange Chiropractic often times you will be greeted with the sounds of babies and small children. You may be wondering, why do Read more
  • YTWL Exercises for Upper Back and Neck Tension
    One of the most common areas for people to hold stress and tension is in their upper back and neck. This can be aggravated by poor posture, increased use of Read more
  • TMJ Disorders
    Many of you have heard of the TMJ but may not know what it is, what symptoms are caused by TMJ disorders, or how to treat a TMJ disorder. Let's start Read more


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